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Be inspired. E+S Rück and its vendor partners provide a wide range of diverse solutions along the insurance value chain. Explore the pool of ideas, concepts and innovations most relevant to the insurance industry.

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Most asked questions

What is es | equarium?
es | equarium is E+S Rück’s online platform for connecting providers of innovative solutions and services with insurance companies around the world.

The insurance industry needs to innovate. And worldwide, there are numerous insurtechs and other providers that already address various problems along the insurance value chain. However, it is difficult for insurers to find the right solutions for their challenges from the wide range of global offerings. And vice versa, just as difficult for the service providers to reach out to the right customers.

With more than 5,000 contacts in the insurance industry, E+S Rück is the perfect host for a platform to solve this matching problem. We will help to advance the insurance industry.
What can be found on es | equarium?
• Solutions and services for insurance companies along the insurance value chain.
• Business cases that demonstrate how these solutions can and have been applied in practice.
• Ratings of the solutions by our community.
Why should I sign up an account?
To get the full functionality of es | equarium, you can sign up for our premium account. Registration is free and provides you the following additional features:

• Receive our newsletter
• Contact our vendor partners
• Rate solutions and add or manage your favorites
• Ask questions about any solution
• Subscribe to individual search requests
• Submit pitches and manage your own content
What are the benefits for insurance companies and how much does it cost?
• You get access to a global network of innovations and innovators.
• You can find new ways to enhance your business capabilities and unlock additional growth potential.
• You'll find real business cases and success stories.
• Solutions are rated from insurers around the world.
• Verified solutions are vetted by E+S Rück.
• It’s free and easy.
What are the benefits of becoming a partner and how much does it cost?
• You get free marketing.
• You get access to insurance companies around the world through E+S Rück’s business network.
• You benefit from E+S Rück’s global footprint and insurance expertise.
• You benefit from E+S Rück’s local expertise in all relevant insurance markets.
• You can combine your products with solutions of other vendor partners.
• It’s free and only takes 5 minutes.
How can I provide my solution or service to your platform?
Simply click on the "Pitch your solution"-button and start the application process.

In only 3 steps you can create your own page. Register, fill out our questionnaire and build your site as you need it. We will review your pitch within 5 working days once you submitted. Get started now. It's free and only takes 5 minutes.
Which requirements does my solution have to meet?
E+S Rück does not evaluate the reasonableness and quality of basic solutions. However, they have to meet some base requirements:

• Your solution should be innovative and have insurance companies as a target group (B2B or B2B2C).
• Your solution or service must be market-ready.
• Your solution or service must be legally compliant.

Pure sales platforms, insurance brokers or consulting services do not qualify.
What are verified solutions?
Verified solutions are solutions that have been vetted by E+S Rück. We select them at our sole discretion and there is no possibility to apply.

Verified solutions must meet at least two of the following additional requirements:

• International focus and worldwide applicability
• There is an internal E+S Rück sponsor for the solution
• The solution is used by E+S Rück itself
• There is a known implementation with positive feedback by other insurers
• The solution is a E+S Rück investment

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