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YAS.life - Bonus-app for insurers

Released 28 October 2020
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YAS.life uses smart gamification to help insurers to integrate health-conscious habits into their daily lives and rewards preventive behavior such as exercise with one mission - a holistic approach to health. Thus, we not only reduce claims of health and life insurers, but also offer a perfect tool to increase customer interaction.



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Michael Pfeifer
MAGNUM EST Digital Health Gmbh
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Why YAS?

Health expenditures are rising disproportionately. A major driver is an increase in lifestyle diseases, caused to a huge extent by the lack of physical activity. We provide an engagement platform that motivates health-conscious behaviour through gamification, community and financial incentives. In our white label solution customers receive points for a healthy lifestyle, which can be redeemed either in vouchers of healthy products/ services or cashback from their insurance.

What's in for insurances?

Our data shows that our apps for insurers attract health conscious customers and that we can change habits of existing policyholders towards more physical activitiy. Combining positive risk selection and reducing avoidable diseases results in less claims. In addition, we create digital touchpoints for insurers to their policyholders. These interactions allow insurances to promote additional digital health services. They can position themselves as a holistic health companion and use these touchpoints for up- and cross-selling.

Our expertise

We have gained our expertise in motivating people to live a health-conscious lifestyle from our B2C app and eight B2B projects (>100,000 downloads)

Our metrics speak for themselves: Attraction, retention and the “change habits factor” are all far above average.

  • Between 18 – 28% of contacted policyholders or employees install the white label apps.
  • Three months retention of approximately 45% (industry standard 15%).
  • 38% of the users of one of our apps stated three months after usage that their physical condition has improved.

Say YAS!

We offer our YAS-App as a white label-solution with many customizing options, which means we can provide your individual YAS-App within a few weeks after conclusion of the contract.

Feel free to contact us and let us provide digital prevention to your customers.

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