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Released 07 July 2021
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Atoti+ is an advanced big data analytics platform to help organisations collaborate and steer their business, and make better and faster decisions.



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Aurelia Mason
Senior Sales Manager, EMEA
United Kingdom
Atoti+ is a completely unified platform for enterprise data analysis. Provide your teams with a single environment for all your analytics needs - including data science, modelling, visualisation, business dashboards and application development, all the way through to production deployment. You can even try the Python-based community edition, atoti, yourself for free very quickly!

Advanced analytics - streamline the path from Question to Insight:

Are you tired of spending hours every day trying to reconcile results from multiple systems that limit your freedom of analysis and don’t really work with each other? Then Atoti+ is the product for you.

  • With Atoti+, every person who is part of the data analysis workflow can visualise data freely, create dashboards easily, share their findings instantly.
  • Atoti+ allows users to filter and aggregate data on the fly, create and compare ‘What-If’ scenarios side-by-side and define hierarchies easily.
  • Depending on their role, users may use Java, Python or simply the GUI to use Atoti+, but they all work within the same environment and enjoy the same analytics benefits.
  • Atoti+ runs on private or public cloud environments (Azure, AWS, Google…) and the dashboards you create can be accessed by any authorised user through their web browser.
  • Straightforward visualisation and comprehensive analytics applications alike can be pushed to production very quickly – in fact, the process can even be automated when hosted on Azure or AWS.

High-Performance Analytics

Atoti+ enables efficient and precise analyses of large volumes of complex and dynamic data, leading to better and faster business decisions.

In a world where datasets are growing exponentially and timely decisions remain essential to business, Atoti+ enables users to stay on top of both volume and velocity.

With Atoti+, you work with risk data that is continuously updated, that can be analysed across any dimension and at any level of aggregation, and you can create ‘What-If’ simulations on the fly and monitor KPI and limit breaches in real time.

Do you need to make a pre-deal check? Atoti+ immediately shows you the potential impact across your entire business area. Run backtesting over several weeks? Load the data and explore it within minutes. Monitor liquidity ratios? Set up limits and alerts as needed? Generate a regulatory report on-the-spot? Done.

Use cases

Gain consolidated, in-depth insights into risk metrics across all systems for real-time front-office trading and intraday risk management. Optimise portfolios, capital allocation and ensure regulatory compliance with FRTB, LCR, IFRS 9 and more.

Atoti+, and the solution packages built with it, serve a variety of risk functions, offering growing ROI for a limited investment. Example of client use cases in production today include for instance:

VaR and Market Risk metrics and reports at a German insurer and asset manager

Credit risk monitoring and optimisation at a British-Asian global banking group

Front office PnL Explain and Market Risk Management at a Spanish banking group

FRTB regulatory compliance at a large Dutch bank

Features & Key benefits

Always up-to-date data: Atoti+ streams data continuously and seamlessly from all relevant source systems.

Multidimensional analysis without constraints: In-memory technology enables users to arrange data across any dimension and at any level of aggregation, from a global view to a single trade or cash flow and every step in between.

‘What-If’ simulations: With just a click, users can create one or several splinter environments, simulate various trades and events and see the impact instantly. The optimal scenario can then be merged back into the main system.

Limit management and breach monitoring: Leveraging continuously updating data streams, users can create KPIs, set up limits and be alerted automatically in case of breach or near-breach events.

High performance for interactive analysis: ActiveViam’s highly optimised in-memory technology ensures a responsive experience for all users. It can accommodate datasets of up to several terabytes and a virtually unlimited number of parallel users while offering response times to queries counted in milliseconds.

On-premise & Cloud/SaaS: Atoti+ can be deployed on-premises, in the Cloud or in a SaaS model and is equally optimized under all configurations. Placed on top of any existing architecture, it makes new deployments fast and cost-effective.

Front-end: you can use the Atoti+ UI SDK (included) to create a user experience optimised for your business and processes, or alternatively interact with your data in Atoti+ through any MDX-compatible BI software, such as Microsoft Excel or Tableau.

Leveraging Python to dramatically reduce time-to-market

Python has become the common language between quants, data scientists and IT developers. In addition to its traditional Java API, Atoti+ features a full Python API that makes the platform very accessible and transforms app development to make it much faster and more collaborative.

Complete, ready-to-deploy, rich analytics applications can be developed entirely in Python in a matter of days and pushed to production seamlessly. Developments that take weeks with other platforms take just a few days with Atoti+. The end product is also of higher quality as Atoti+ allows IT to cooperate much more closely with both data scientists and end-users, in an iterative process.

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